The Man Himself

Were it not for his sudden (and partly unwilling) turn to a life of crime, Markus would not be that interesting of a character to write about. He is a nerd at heart and likes for his demeanor and interests to be taken seriously. When he hung out with his more chaotic sibling, Ray, he was happy enough being a supporter of their shenanigans rather than be the shenaniganeer himself.

Since he started working under the Khans, Markus's morals and attitudes have been stretched in several ways. He is generally more anxious, paranoid, and more willing to make decisions he would've resented around 6 years ago, such as producing weapons or other tech generally meant to hurt others. A part of him is still the nerd-ish and nice guy he was before, but it is often in conflict with what he does now.

Other basic information

  • Birthday: Sometime in 1996
  • Height: 6 feet, 5 inches


Like his sibling, Ray, Markus has gravity manipulation powers, being able to make objects they touch lighter or heavier. The strength of this effect wanes based on time after initial contact.

On their own these powers are weak in effect, but they can be enhanced through technology, like the tech Markus attaches to his arms.


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