What I'm Doing

You might've read on the front page that I'm now making androids for Raschor Corp. Aside from messing with the inner workings of videogames, the world of robotics has always been within my orbit. Tinkering is part of that interest, but I'm far more suited for the world of artificial intelligences.

What I do is build intelligence bases, which contain the "base" knowledge androids use before they start learning more personalized information. I also do more advanced training and building for lines that need specialized intelligence bases.

I'm also forunate enough to be working with my sibling, Ray. It gets lonely working in California all by yourself. They take part in training the androids, but most of their time is spent with executives pitching and designing new androids for me and my colleagues to build.

Below are some of my memories at Raschor Corp.

Out of character note: These images are supposed to appear broken, because I haven't drawn them yet.
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