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Shader manager for Warheart: Eye of the Storm

Only works for the original consoles Warheart: EotS released on. A shader manager where shading settings can be adjusted according to areas in the game. Can import shader packs made by other people, but can also export packs with the (experimental) shader maker.

The latest version of this mod, version 1.4.15, has had a few tweaks to the shader maker UI, as well as a few bug fixes.

Special thanks to Brendan for helping with the math behind this mod.

Previous versions and source

Version Number Brief Description Source
1.4.15 Made the UI of the shader builder more friendly to use, and fixed some glitches in the UI. X
1.4.09 Fixed a major bug where lights of a certain brightness would flicker when using shader packs built by the shader builder. Fixed other minor bugs regarding shadow calculations. X
1.4.05 Stability fixes and minor bug fixes. X
1.4.01 Minor bug fixes. X
1.4.0 Added the ability to create shader packs within the mod itself. X
1.3.05 Bug fixes regarding imported shader pack stability. X
1.3.03 Improved the speed at which shaders load when moving between areas, minor visual fixes. X
1.3.01 Major changes which allow the shader manager to support shader packs made using different methods. X
0.2.0 Ditched the file manager kind of UI in favor of a UI that's friendler towards "non-nerds", according to Ray. X
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