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Expanded romance tree/interactions for Soul Network 3

Works for both emulators and the original consoles on which Soul Network 3 was released. This mod was crafted at the request of Ray and their friends, and so a lot of the writing was done thanks to them.

The latest version of this mod, version 1.16.4, adds a new romance path for Simon, Minerva, and Calyx, adds some additional dialogue to the original romancable cast of characters, and fixes a few minor bugs/typos.

Previous versions and source

Version Number Brief Description Source
1.16.4 Adds new romance trees for Simon, Minerva, and Calyx. Added more dialogue to the original romancable cast of characters. Minor bug and typo fixes. X
1.13.17 A lot of fixes regarding the function of the additional quests added in the previous update. X
1.13.0 Added more/expanded quests related to most of the romancable characters in the base game and in the mod (Dora, Thomas, Esme, Alexandros, Alexis, Eadmund, Mgelli, and Glen).
1.5.19 Revised some of the revisions from the previous update. X
1.5.16 Added new romance trees for Gadriel, Mary, Silas, Heather, and Anthy. Revised many of the previous dialogues to better fit their respective characters (done at the request of the dialogue writers of this mod). X
1.0.0 Completely reworked how new dialogues are implemented to make future updates easier to complete. Retains all the features of previous updates. X
0.9.2 Added a new romance tree for side characters like Mgelli the Serpent, Glen the False Guard, and Avery of the Aviary. Some typo fixes. X
0.6.13 Added more interactions for Alexandros, Alexis, and Eadmund. Various typo fixes. X
0.3.0 Added more interactions for Dora, Thomas, and Esme. X
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