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Additional language options for Soul Network 3

Works for both emulators and the original consoles on which Soul Network 3 was released. This mod adds additonal languages like French, Chinese, and Spanish to the game. This mod is NOT compatible with the expanded romance tree mod.

The translations for this mod are thanks to the contributions of Alma Montenegro, Heather Yong, Ryan Fama, and other folks who preferred not to be named.

Note from 2015: This mod was last updated on 11/09/2011, and will likely no longer receive updates. I recommend checking out TransPsyche's version of this mod instead.

Previous versions and source

Version Number Brief Description Source
0.3.27 Corrections of previous Chinese translations. X
0.3.23 Fixed the remainder of the troll translations. X
0.3.20 It turns out a troll was contributing fake translations for Chinese. Replaced their translations in favor of a speaker vetted by the community. X
0.3.17 Fixed a bug where some Chinese names would incorrectly revert to English. X
0.3.12 Added support for Chinese. Fixed some odd dialogue flow in French, finalizing the French translation of the game. X
0.2.7 Fixed some French item names. X
0.2.3 Added support for French with some final tweaks for Spanish. X
0.1.7 Minor bug fixes. X
0.1.4 More translation fixes, fixed a bug where text would freak out during combat. X
0.1.1 Corrections to Spanish translations. X
0.1.0 Added support for Spanish. X
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