I already have a hard time making things for mobile users, but this page may look especially unfriendly on mobile!

This page may also have slower loading times since the page needs to load all the music!

Welcome to my music collection! Sharing music with other people is special — special in a way I can't describe yet, but I also just wanted to play around with WebAmp skins!

If you want to grab WebAmp for your own page, I advise looking at Suni of dokode.moe's tutorial on the matter. If you're wondering how I got it so the WebAmp window are (mostly) stationary... Uhm! Figure it out by yourself by inspecting this page! I would like to write a tutorial, but I'm a bit limited in my free time as of now.


On the app I use to play music, this title is abbreviation for: "Music I would show to other people to confirm I have good taste in music". This is what I consider to be the best of what I listen to, which also should be pallatable enough to play on a roadtrip or something.

The current skin for this playlist is "Indo GreeNesia" on the Winamp Skin Museum. It was made by a now deactivated Deviantart user called "xetjoe", otherwise known as Setyo Ari Cahyono.

Other Liked Songs

Other songs I like, which include stuff from the "MIWSTOPTCIHGTIM" playlist, but also other songs people might not like (mainly because some are loud and abrasive-sounding). It's truly a mixed bag in here, I recommend clicking the "shuffle" button before having a listen ~

The current skin for this playlist is "dcb v3 dark", found on the Winamp Skin Museum, but was made by DeviantArt user dcbel!

Other Playlists

Other songs in my repetoire, but dunno how to utilize elsewhere. Includes some playlists I've made for my original characters. Might add these to their pages later!