Presence in Space

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Psions are a rarity in space due to how recently they were introduced, and due to biological and cultural factors that further hold them back. Space travel is usually limited to Psions with enough money to afford on-land life support systems, and those with enough time to learn another language. Those who don't fit into the wealthy demographic are usually younger Psions who are able to travel to space thanks to ambassador programs, academic opportunities, and other similar situations.

Hub Cities

Hub cities are select areas on Psionomum where members of other intelligent species are allowed to visit. There are only 5 of these cities on Psionomum, and all of them are located by the coast. Psions found in these cities are "city workers" and are usually capable of at least writing in one other language (usually Universal). Hub cities don't have any residential areas aside from hotels and inns, and that's because city workers don't actually live in the city. Instead, they live in the waters surrounding the city.

Psions living away from and even near these cities tend to have a negative view of the foreign visitors of hub cities, viewing them with the same attitude a native has with tourists.


The governmental body representing Psionomum in broader galactic society is the Republic of Psionomum. The republic's members consist of Psionomum's major world leaders, some of whom are currently in conflict with one another.

The Republic of Psionomum formed not long after Psions were introduced to space, so it has still yet to find its footing as a world-wide organization. As such, the RoP has a mixed reputation amongst average Psions. It is generally negative, with shimmers of optimism for what space travel and trade may bring to Psionomum.