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Friends' Webbed Sites

This is where I'll put the websites of my friends...! IF ONLY THEY HAD ONE!!

Art on the Web!

These are websites I know to have an artist behind them, and I'd like to support them by getting you to see them! These buttons will only link to their site, though, and not a specific art page.

shishka.neocities runegod.net internetbee.neocities snail-legs.co lejlart.com augustaugust.neocities skykristal.art

Sites I've Encountered

wastelandimperiatrix.neocities shishka.neocities runegod.net internetbee.neocities lejlart.com augustaugust.neocities deeptwisty.com dragonflycave.com large horse shukuya.com skykristal.art

Useful Stuff

Currently working on moving everything in this section into a table. Please bear the mess.

Link Category Description
88x31 Button Maker Utility By Sadness of sadgrl.online, this is a maker of simple 88x31 buttons.
Petpet Generator Generators You know those gifs of a hand petting a certain character or animal? This is where a good chunk of those pet pet gifs come from (probably, I don't really know where people get their petpet gifs).
AC-Chan Generators AC meaning 'Automatic Composition', this site is made by Daniwell, the guy behind the base Nyan cat song (originaly titled 'Nyanyanyanyanya', sung by Hatsune Miku). Enter a title, and the site will generate a small jingle for you!
Sound Effect Generator Generators Another app by Daniwell, this site can generate sound effects either by shaking your mobile device, or clicking some dots on the presented 8x8 grid. There's a bit more on how to use the app, but that's explained in the 'how to use' section of the site. If you're a Firefox user, you'll have to switch to Chrome to use it. Also, sometimes this site can generate high-pitched and/or abrasive noises, so watch your device volume.
GifCities Collections CifCities is a site that allows you to look up keywords to pull gifs from archived pages on the Internet! This site can be good if you want a retro feel for your site, but best of all, clicking on a gif will bring you to the archived webpage that had it!
Horror GIF Necronomicon
Collections A collection of horror gifs/sounds, categorically sorted and free to use! While I would normally put a content warning for spooky stuff, the 'horror' that this site deals with is more akin to the horror of a halloween prop store. Nonetheless, if that freaks you out, enter this site with caution.
99 GIF Shop Collections Run by the same person behind cinni.net, the 99 GIF Shop is another GIF compendium like GifCities and the Horror GIF Necronomicon. Despite it being labelled as a 'shop', I believe it is only named this way for thematic reasons, and not because you're supposed to buy these GIFs. I'm not sure how to describe how GIFs here are categorized, so the most I'll say is that it's a menagerie!
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection Collections Yet another directory of graphics! This site has a directory for easy sorting.
Cute Internet Archive Collections Another site by Michelle (cinni), the Cutie Internet Archive is another GIF repository with a more personal flaire. The site's most outward function is a searcher of cute graphics, but each graphic is pulled from an older site that's no longer active. The archive can also give you information such as the site's lifetime, and a small 'about' section from the site.
GifyPet Fun A little pet for your website! Has an easy-to-follow process for making and getting your pet onto your website.