If you like the aesthetic of this page and would like a piece of it for your own site, I've taken to collecting some aesthetically matching artworks from Deviantart. I made sure to use graphics marked as free to use by the artists, but if you're the creator of any of these graphics and would like them removed anyways, please feel free to contact me.

To see who made what graphic, click on any given image and it'll redirect you to that artworks Deviantart page. (Also note that all of these have been resized to be 60 pixels tall, but you can still save it as its original size here or on Deviantart)

If you'd like to contribute to this collection, first read the criteria, then hit up that contact link towards the top of this section.

  1. Have the page decoration/image on hand, obviously.
  2. Have the name/link of the original creator on hand. It would be a lot easier to snag graphics mindlessly, but for personal reasons I try to avoid using graphics to which I can't give credit to.
  3. If your graphic comes from a place where usage permissions are specified (such as Deviantart), I will not be hosting any graphics whose permissions contradict with their usage here.
  4. If I think a graphic doesn't match the aesthetic of this page, I'll reject it. It's nothing personal, just got an aesthetic to maintain.