On other sites, this page would probably be named frequently asked questions, but I don't get many frequent askers, unless 'frequent' is supposed to refer to how much a question is asked across the board. These are just questions I foresee people asking, so I'm answering before they inevitably come to contact me about it.

Table of contents

Q: Can I use your artwork for XYZ purpose?

Glad you like my work, but the general answer is no, not without my permission. What exactly you need to do beyond that to use my works depends on the circumstances. If you're putting up a Neocities art show case and want to feature my stuff, that would be fine. If you want to use my artworks for commercial reasons though, it will require many things aside from just my permission (will I be paid for my work, etc).

When it comes to assets I've made, unless I've explicitly stated you can use something, don't use it. I watermark my stuff for a reason, and lack of a watermark is not explicit permission to use my stuff.

Q: Do you do commissions? (And related, how much do you charge?)

It's complicated. I've never done commission openings like other artists do. The way it goes when people have commissioned me is that they'll reach out, and if I like the idea of the artwork and the reward, I'll take the commission. I very much like to be paid with money, but I'm not in a position to accept payments unless you're up for mailing me the money. If you can think of some other form of payment though, maybe my commissions are open.

As to how much I'd charge... It varies based on what you want me to draw and how you want me to draw it, as one might expect. I wouldn't charge more than 5 dollars on a meme-y sketch like this, but a non-shitpost sketch might go for around 15-20 dollars. Something fully colored and shaded might go for 40 dollars and upwards, depending on how complicated the shading turns out to be or how complex the design is.

The prices I mentioned above are just baselines, and are in no way 'fixed'. For example, if you asked me to illustrate a 10-page comic in my meme style, it'll cost you a pretty penny, and it wouldn't be as simple as (5 x the number of pages you want). Making a short comic requires a whole other set of thinking than a one-off shitpost.

Q: Can we be affiliates?

No. I don't see myself doing affiliations any time soon, and if I do start doing them, it'll probably be with just friends. You can feel free to link my site though, free of affiliation, and maybe I'll link yours back someday.