Is 'projects' really the right word? To clear things up, this page is here to describe bigger projects I've been a part of or are currently working within.

Houseki No Coloring (Minimal)

I am one of the colorists behind the fanmade minimal color version of the Houseki No Kuni manga (by the group Red Beryll's Color Emporeum). You can find this version of the manga on Mangadex, and all the ones done by user 'Loveybird' were done by me.

As of late, life has gotten busy and getting these pages colored hasn't been my top priority — not since 2021, when I was pumping out these pages. I'm making an attempt to get back into things by coloring at least 3 pages per week. Pages, not chapters. That sounds super slow, and it is, but I figure a small amount of progress is still progress.

Current Progress Report

Creatures of Sonaria

Creatures of Sonaria is a fantasy survival game hosted on Roblox, made by Sonar Studios. I'm recognized as an OCC since I've made one concept for the game, but I dunno if I'll make any more of them since the whole process of getting creatures in-game is rather shaky. I'm more well known for helping manage the wiki for such a game.