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“Hello wary traveler! Do you feel lost in the universe? Do you want to belong? Do you wish to do good for the galaxy? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, this just may be where you find Sanctuary. Here on the moon of Mineros we focus on preserving the diverse fauna and flora that is scattered across the universe. The work done here over the years has improved the living conditions and saved many plants and animals from going extinct. Our main focus is to preserve and protect the vast array of life, but we also have made leaps and bounds in other fields of research, such as the medical and technological fields."

Should you have any major troubles, these are the people you should look for!

Commander Theia Dexmir

"Where's my coffee?"
The one who runs the whole operation!

Saia Rem

"Ugh, motherbitch."
He who runs the Technical class!

Beep Boop

"Weeee wooo!"
Who knows who runs the Medical class?

Beep Boop

"Weeee wooo!"
Who knows who runs the Environmental class?

Sergeant Pydio

"Think fast!"
This guy runs the Security class!

Beep Boop

"Weeee wooo!"
Who knows who runs the Resource class?

The Sanctuary is a large place, and we have our workers to thank for helping manage all of it. But we also have many workers, and can't feature them on a single page.

If you'd like to meet them all, click here!

Have we got your interest? Great! Feel free to make an application, but do consider the following links if you have questions!

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