Before you contact me...

I don't really expect to get contacted by many people, so I tend to get wary whenever someone does contact me. If you wanna talk to me, just make sure to specify where you're coming from and what you're here for.

Oh! And most importantly: No hellos!


Contact Method Name/ID/etc...
E-Mail (Preferred for all communication in general)
Matrix (I don't check this one very often but kudos if you use it)
Tumblr mufos-photo-album (For inqueries about the Sky sound collection only, or stuff concerning the blog)
Neocities pip-pepping

I have a Discord, however I will only be giving that out if you've contacted me through other means and we have determined that Discord is superior for communication. If you manage to get to me through Discord first, I will likely ignore you unless you have a good reason for messaging me at the start.