Although Mufo is the "main" character, I've made a few mini characters who I consider to be different lives of Mufo. While their appearance and personality may change from life to life, being a different version of the same entity explains how Mufo maintains their friendships across multiple lives.

The biggest iterations of this character are shown below, and you can click the pictures for a better look!

Should I get really attached to any of these, they may get their own webpage someday!


(She/They) A sky child which has grown into an adult. Lives in the Golden Wasteland. Hard to approach.

(Multiple pics)

(They/Them) A somewhat yeti-like sky child. Lives in the Valley of Triumph. Fiesty.


(She/They) A pretty normal sky child. Lives in the Daylight Prairie. Easy going, loves sight seeing.


(He/They) An eccentric child who lives in coastal areas. Often seen by the Sanctuary Islands.

Fun fact: Some of these characters were named after some of my friends on Sky, given that they had a randomly generated name.