Manufacturing Date Manufacturer Height Weight
February 1st, 2022 Rascor Corp. 5'9" (1.75 m) 188 lbs (85 kg)
Gender Sexuallity Alignment Holochat Username
Feminine (She/Her) Homosexual Chaotic Neutral RobabešŸ’

Very little of Bria's personality when she was a simple android fighting under RaschorĀ© has rubbed off on her today, but she still retains her competitive nature, especially in combat. Loves winning, hates failure.

Outside of her 'work', Bria puts on a very friendly and cute face. In real life, she acts nice because she's not above using her demeanor to get what she wants. Behind closed doors though, she allows her condescending nature be free, all with the same cheerful demeanor. She's mean, but she also thrives with other people who share (or can manage) her brand of chaos.


Manufacturing Date Manufacturer Height Weight
After Steel Weaver's 'death' N/A (Markus Twain) 5'9" (1.75 m) 200 lbs (90 kg)
Gender Sexuallity Alignment Holochat Username
Feminine (She/Her) Homosexual Neutral Evil N/A

Obsidia is the identity (and body) that Bria puts on during 'work'. While the job she signed herself up for tends to place herself on the lower end of the power hierarchy, it is not a position she minds, since being a henchman keeps Obsidia from bearing the brunt of her opponents' fury. Even though she prefers having a secondary role in crime, Obsidia is just as villanous as the people who hire her. Her secondary role is less of a correlation to her actual strength, and is more of a strategy.

When interacting with her employers, Obsidia tries not to make friends with them but also tries to keep in their good graces for the sake of a higher paycheck. Likewise, Obsidia doesn't respond much to friendly jestures unless she knew the person beforehand. She also tends to avoid helping her own teammates if she thinks they can manage on their own ā€” the exception to this being if they're paying her well, of course.

Powers and Abilities

Name Description
Bionic Phsyiology

Being an android, Bria gains all the positives of an inorganic body. In her case, her body was built around the idea that she would be destroyed several times, so she has a digital conscious that can be transferred to other bodies that are deemed compatible by her code.

Both Bria and Obsidia run on a limited battery supply, meaning either of them can suddenly shut down if not charged. Immediate memory of what happened before they shut down will likely be lost.

Laser Generation

Before Bria was repaired, her primary quirk was that she could fire lasers from her hands. Bria can only fire these lasers moments at a time as the creation of them is tough on her hardware. If she continues firing for a second too long her hands could begin to overheat and maybe even melt. Obsidia can be a little more reckless, as she has no skin to melt, but she still has to be careful as to not damage her laser generating hardware.

Firing lasers also consumes energy, lots of it. This energy is separate from the kind Bria uses to operate, and unlike her main source of energy, it replenishes over time.


Bria can manipulate and move metal objects on the condition that they weigh less or the same as her. She can use this power on herself in order to gain greater mobility, but her weight limit keeps her from manipulating other objects while levitating herself. She also can only manipulate objects within a 25-foot radius.

Tendril Manipulation

This power is only available to Bria when in the body of Obsidia. Obsidia's tendrils allow for greater dexterity with or without the aid of ferrokinesis, and they can be used as weapons, due to their bladed tips and whip-like nature.