Bria was activated in 2022 on the first of February when Raschor Corp’s Battle Robots were introduced to the Underground. Her ‘life’ was simple. Much of it consisted of fighting other robots, who were her technical siblings, and somedays she’d fight her siblings except more money was involved. These ‘sometimes’ were called Battle Prixes, though that knowledge was beyond BR-14. These Battle Prixes were a semi-annual event, taking place during the middle of the year, towards the end of the year, and/or the beginning of the next year. This tournament-style event enticed high-bidders to make even higher stakes, though that would eventually mean the end for BR-14.

In the June of 2023, Rachor held it’s 3rd Battle Prix. Since at this point the BR’s audience was beginning to settle, the stakes for bidders during this Prix were at it’s highest. Well, during this Prix, things were coming together for BR-14 as this little robot had made it into the semi-finals of the event. Even though many fans were rooting for BR-06 to win, 14 ended up taking the victory, a twist of fate fans weren’t happy with. When the match was over, BR-14 was stolen from the BR facilities, having been absolutely wrecked by BR-06’s betters.

BR-14’s body was deemed irreparable by Raschor Corp, so it was thrown out the day after the beatdown. Thieves from the Khans spotted an opportunity to make a quick and easy friend and stole BR-14’s body, taking it to Khan-gineer Markus Twain. While the original goal was to have Mr. Twain make an ally for the Khans, somewhere along the line he got too attached, giving the android a few too many human aspects for a killing machine, as well as a new name, Bria. While Markus did his best to keep these developments secret, secrets like these were always meant to be found out. While Markus was hesitant to let Bria go, he and the Khans who originally ‘commissioned’ him came to a compromise. Markus could keep Bria, but she was obligated to work under the Khans, whenever pleased. After that fateful day, Bria’s life as Steel Weaver began.

As the villain Steel Weaver, Bria wasn’t very (in)famous, her spotlight being taken by those she worked under as a kind of ‘teammate for hire’. However, the peace of being relatively unknown would be taken from Steel Weaver come the incident where the identities of several synths were leaked. While Bria’s interactions with a certain synth didn’t exactly get her into this situation, their relationship influenced the swiftness in which she changed identities. Following the days of the incident, Bria framed Steel Weaver’s death, making it seem as if a bounty hunter had gotten her. After that, Obsidia, Bria’s new identity, would be made.