Itsa me!

Note: I haven't tested this site on mobile devices. If you're on mobile and the site looks weird, that's a problem between you and god!

Hi there! I'm Pep (plus other variations of that, as well as VYD/VeryYellowDuck), a digital artist, a fledgling 3D modeller, and aspiring programmer! I don't have much to say about myself alone, so things on this main page will look pretty simple until I can think of more content to add.

I'm most comfortable with She/They pronouns (preference on the 'they'), but anything rolls as long as you aren't mean about it.

None of the artwork on my site is free to use unless specified otherwise. My current social medias are mainly on Tumblr, Discord, and Flightrising (if you would call that social media); and my old-ish social medias are on Instagram and Deviantart. If you see someone claiming to be me from sites other than the ones listed, that's (probably) not me!

Some old 'websites' I coded! These don't serve much of a purpose other than to prove I used to be OK at this:

Rozival Webpage
(JANKY) Solaris Webpage