Itsa me!

Note: I haven't tested this site on mobile devices. If you're on mobile and the site looks weird, that's a problem between you and god!

Hi there! I'm a digital artist, cringe-ass writer, a fledgling 3D modeller, and an aspiring programmer! You can call me Pep/Pepyo, but you may know also know me as Solarizon-Raven on some other platforms. My go-to pronouns are they/them, but you can go with whatever you think best fits me, it's fun to see whether people think I'm masculine or feminine (or something entirely different).

None of the artwork on my site is free to use unless specified otherwise. My current social medias are mainly on Tumblr, Discord, and mmmaybe Youtube. I used to have an Instagram account (now deactivated), and I barely exist on Deviantart. If you see someone claiming to me from anywhere else, that's probably not me.

Down below are some 'websites' I coded back when I was just learning HTML for Deviantart. Good times, huh? Anyhoo, some of these pages look janky because back then, Deviantart read each time you made a line break in your code. I was also just generally inexperienced — enjoy nonetheless.

Rozival Webpage
(JANKY) Solaris Webpage

Webrings and Fanlistings



Sceptile Wise (Snivy) Captivate (Sylveon) Guinea Pigs

LGBTQ+ Movement (PRIDE)